Why PowerMTA require Email Marketing?

One of the most important components for sending out email is the mail server (SMTP Server).  You can create the best email marketing campaign ever but without a reliable and intelligent mail server the email will never reach the recipient.

In our opinion, the best software-based mail server on the market is PowerMTA by Port25.  PowerMTA has so many rock-solid features that Campaign Enterprise can utilize it is difficult to explain all of them in this article.  Each of our companies recommend each other for our respective functions and we have a very good relationship.

With PowerMTA you have ability create virtual SMTP connectors to send multiple threads out of Campaign Enterprise increasing sending performance. Campaign Enterprise seamlessly connects to PowerMTA, and the combined power of the two products working together is a power combination.

Many email providers like Gmail, yahoo, and Hotmail all will limit the amount of email sent to their servers from a specific source by various means.  These include “only so many per hour” which is a type of throttling functionality.  For instance, if Gmail detects a mail server sending emails to it in a burst, it may limit or shut down the ability for that mail server to send additional email to it for awhile.  PowerMTA has tables for all the major software providers with specific rules for these email providers so that it wont violate any policies and avoid being shut down.